Marijuana Might Be the Future of Drugs, Well at Least That’s What These Recent Findings Have Discovered!

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Florida, the third most populated state in the USA might legalize patients on the use, buying, and possession of Marijuana as medicine, just like the 23 other states that had already approved the case. Results of a new study published in Drug and Alcohol review were proven that consumers of prescribed medication are more increasingly substituting drugs and alcohol with cannabis, this marks the shift of people’s understanding regarding the benefits of marijuana in medication. This reflects the dynamic appeal for its medical purposes, including recreation benefits which was revealed when a group of 473 adult cannabis users were surveyed and more than 86% of the respondents agreed on giving up one or more of the substance for pot, alongside the majority willing to forgo pharmaceuticals for the now – toxic alternative. The research was conducted by the British Colombian Center for Addiction Research.

Now, here is the list of the Five prescription drugs that might be replaced by Cannabis:

1. Vicodin (Painkillers) – Several studies had found out that people suffering from chronic pain can be treated effectively through the use of marijuana, which is also nontoxic when painkillers like Vicodin are filled with chemicals and usually have side effects.

2. Xanax (Anti-Anxiety) – Even though it’s still unclear whether this can be treated with marijuana as reports from research has shown that the outcome can go either ways, good or bad. However, it’s somehow believed that it depends on the kind of marijuana being used. And in such a case India works a lot better by relaxing the body followed by the mind and is a lot more appropriate for those with anxiety.

3. Ambien (Sleep Aids) – Sleeping problems are on the rise amongst the public and using marijuana is one of the most practiced methods regarding Insomnia. It’s also far less dangerous and addictive than pills like Ambien.

4. Zoloft (Anti – Depressants) – Various patents regarding marijuana had found out that cannabis can be used to serve patients with depression problems effectively. Research had shown that smoking pot has fewer side effects than those relying on anti-depressant pills.

5. Adderal (Stimulants) – Sativas had been found to be a lot more effective treating ADHD and ADD among its users. This is a case where marijuana works on people’s psychology and treat symptoms quickly. In fact, its far more effective to treat ADHD with marijuana when compared to Indica strain which is normally more stimulating.

These are the drugs that might be replaced by the Marijuana as their benefits outweigh their disadvantages. And despite having its bad reputation and the process being difficult, it’s still possible to deduct that marijuana is much safer and easier to handle than addictive pills for a range of reasons.

With all this happening, two countries in the USA had passed laws that possession of 20 grams or leftovers will be more likely treated as a parking ticket fine. What we have now is the future of marijuana and into the upcoming years, much more positive results could be achieved through further modifications and creation of new ways to use cannabis for medical purposes.


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