How to Make Google Forget Your History Information?

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Google collects all available information on the various services, with the excuse to send targeted advertising and facilitate data searches on the Internet. However, a new tool called “My activity” to analyze and configure the information stored by Google about you .

“My activity” behaves like a timeline that shows what Google has been keeping on your online activity, such as searches in the search, YouTube videos or downloaded in the Play Store applications. It is located in the direction and all you need to do to enter is to write the password for your Google account.

Once on the page, what is shown is a chronological list (newest to oldest) with activities that you have made ​​through Google services . In addition to displaying them in order, the tool allows you to search through the data to find an entry or activity.

Delete recorded data

Through “My activity” you can delete all the data you want from an embarrassing search (such as “Pictures of Justin Bieber shirtless”) to the entire history of the information collected by Google.

If you just want to delete a single item, what you should do is to find the entry you want to delete through the search bar, open the menu by clicking the three dots placed on the far right of the activity and select ” delete”.

You can also delete entries in mass, which is done through the menu of three points is placed at the beginning of the timeline. There must select “Delete activity” and choose the range of dates I wanted, or just click on “All time” to clear the entire history.

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Finally, if you want Google to stop tracking your data completely, you can go to activitycontrols and configure the options for the software giant to stop save your searches, location history and videos viewed YouTube, among others. That ‘s right: if you choose to delete all your searches, Google will no longer warn you that video has opened or will help you find useful information for their territory.


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