Liverpool Players Believe that They Are Able to Overcome Any Obstacles on the Path of Success

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The word came out from the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s mouth after the match, ‘This victory will create confidence among the Liverpool players. After this victory they believe that they are able to overcome any obstacles on the path of success.’

Liverpool’s victory against Manchester City by 4-1 goals on Saturday is like this. After came Liverpool as coach, Klopp sought that matter of his players, he will get that by this great victory against City. Have not any doubt about there.

To defeat City, Liverpool has won two important matches in English Premier League. Before defeat to City, they won against Chelsea. However, the fights for the Champions League qualifying while the team still behind 6 points. Liverpool went ahead 3-0 in first 32 minutes of the match. The first goal was suicide but this is the result by pressing of Liverpool. The second goal was came a dual effort by Firmino and Coutinho. The third goal was great which was come by Firmino’s leg. Liverpool’s this victory confirmed by another goal of Martin Skrtel.

At the end of the match asked a question to Klopp about the changes of Liverpool after Brendan Rodger’s farewell. He replied, ‘what has changed, it is not his concern. The important thing is that, the progres of this team.’

Klopp’s opinion, Liverpool played the kind of game against City; they have the ability to deliver high quality games, defense of the team can be better. The most important thing is we can have confidence in our own strength, cannot believe, we have to better quality than this match does.

Klopp informed himself, during the break many players of Liverpool did not believe to stay ahead 3-1 goals. In his view, ‘Team has the shortage in this place. Players now must believe in our own strength. It is not extraordinary to have ahead 3-1 goals in break time against City. There is no question about the quality of my players. There is no question about the capability.


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