Investing on LEGO Bricks are Better Than Gold

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Lego bricks are of great value these days. According to the Daily Telegraph, a set of the well-organized box of Lego has more value than gold since 2000.

This invention of LEGO bricks was executed by the Danish carpenter in 1949, which allow the kids to be creative by building architectural blocks. The founder of Ed Maciorowski said, “The neat thing is that all sets retire at some point, and several hundred are retired each year a movie run ends, a license expires or the Lego Company wants to refresh its range”. These days, one of the most popular LEGOS are the Star Wars themed sets. According to, they come to number 10 on 20 and the other sets of the logos are the Taj Mahal and the city buildings.

So it means, anyone who has the set of a Lego at their home, and the condition is quite good then the owner could have some good investment on their hands as these are appreciated very well in value.


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