Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux having Ecstatic time in New York

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are spending a good time in New York now. This is their first trip there after marriage. The couple looked so happy together it seems that they have found some more bliss of love in New York. Jennifer Anniston ties her knot with Justin Theroux before three months in a secret wedding. They tried the best to keep their wedding away from people’s attention. It was a homely event with the closest friends and the family members. Both of them did not want to reveal it publicly. They thought it’s happy to have private feelings on wedding. Jennifer was married with Brat Pitt before and it was also a love marriage. The marriage was broken because of Pitt’s cheating with her. The entrance Angelina Jolie in between them was the real cause of the split. Jennifer remains single for some days and finally she got a perfect man in her life. The couple is recently having a great time in New York. Recently they are seen to step on a red carpet at New York together. They look so pretty and romantic together. Everyone could say that they are just made for each other. The couple was also caught in a liplock moment outside of a restaurant after having lunch. They also have spent good time on their night traveling over the city of New York. The newly wedded couple may have find a more lovable time there.


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