James Woods Survived a Car Accident with a Mild Cranial Trauma

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Image Credit: hitfix.com

The famous American actor James Wood has faced a road accident on Monday afternoon. The accident took place in Glenwood Canyon involving six other cars including James’ one. He was luckily survived without getting any severe injuries. He just had a concussion after the accident. The actor expressed her thanks to the Almighty to make him able to survive the incidence. He also expressed his gratitude to the people who had given immediate response on the accident.

Actor James Wood is a 68 years old actor and producer. The Oscar nominated actor is best known for his villainous characters in movies. He has written on the social media site Twitter about the accident he faced and also described the experience there. He has given a description of the occurrence that took place in Glenwood Springs .He narrates the matter with a series of posts on Twitter. James Wood is really very happy that he is still alive. He was the victim of a massive car accident that struck six cars at a time. James said, he was driving while he found a man beside a huge ice pile on his way and to avoid him he struck the left wall. Six cars behind his one were piled up. The actor managed to pull out himself from the car. He added that he has got a mild cranial trauma. There was no death and major injuries but his car was badly damaged by the accident. The actor is thankful to God that he and the peoples involved in the accident could survived.

James also thanked the EMT and Police who helped him after the occurrence and handled the situation nicely. He posted a number of statuses describing the moments of accident on Twitter. Each of his post expressed his thankful mind to the people who helped him after the accident and he specially is grateful to God who keeps him still alive.


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