J.K. Rowling Explains- Why Harry Potter Named his Son After “Snape”

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It is really awkward when you know something that is what you don’t want to know at all, like Harry potter fans- it is really painful when they know Harry Potter’s son name is “Snape”. Last Friday a Harry Potter fan asked to J.K Rowling about the reason of naming Harry Potter son as ‘Severus Snape’. Then the author responded, Snape got died just because of Harry for having affection and love for Lily, but Harry didn’t forget to offer him exoneration and appreciation. But the answer from Rowling hasn’t satisfied Harry Potter fans, because Snape has been noted as the most reverse character of the story.

About this debate Rowling stated that, there has been a lot argument about Snape for many years. Rowling also shared her opinion regarding this issue that, her agenda has just been blown up with love and wrath yet repeatedly. That will never change. But the fans extended to question about the decision to name Harry’s son as Snape, then Rowling said that, there is a prescribed essay about the reason why Harry gave her sons name after Snape, but the actual decision is taken by the harry’s heart at the post-war time indeed. After that Rowling elaborated the character Snape that, Snape is such a character that you must call him a grey and dusky role in the Harry potter film, and it is impossible to transform the role as a saint because he was revengeful and imperious, but you can’t think him as a devil; he got dead just because to protect the world from wizard and evil deeds. So by the honor of Snape Harry decided to name her son as Snape .


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