Top 15 Fishes of India

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#1 Ariosoma Selenops

Arisoma selenops is a very beautiful fish and also delicious too. It is found generally in India but very seldom to find. It has earned its popularity by all. People of all kinds like to eat it.

Ariosoma Selenops

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#2 Spotted Garden Eel

Spotted garden eel is one kind of fish which is like as a snake to see. It is generally popular in India. Everyone likes this fish as this kind of fish is available in India. It is generally Ash color and beautiful. It is delicious also.

Spotted Garden Eel

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#3 Conger Cinereus

Conger cinereus is a wonderful and nutritious fish. It is found in Indian’s sea. People like it as it meets their demand of nutrition. It generally eats the lowest stage of sea.

Conger Cinereus

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#4 Moringua Javanica

Moringua Javanica is the most peculiar fish in India. It is nutritious. It is not so rare to find. It is available. People think that it meets their demand wholly. It has a great popularity in India.

Moringua Javanica

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