10 Incredible Facts About Virat Kohli You Probably Don’t Know Yet

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The world is now talking about Indian cricket star Virat Kholi. Everybody is praising his skill and control over bat and ball. What we see is just his talent or dedication for cricket. There is still a lot of him outside the cricket world that define his nature as a human being. From his food loving nature to fitness consciousness, here is the top 10 list of unknown facts of Virat Kohli.

#1 Nick name

The world knows him by the name of the great Virat Kohli, but he has a nickname too. Chikku is his nickname given by Delhi State coach Ajit Chaudhary. Now you can call him Chikku when you see his charm on screen.

Nick name

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#2 ODI centuries

Virat is among the batsmen who have ever scored 20 ODI centuries. Chris Gayle from West Indies Cricket Team has 21 ODI centuries and is not retired yet. Virat Kohli is just 27 now and it means he has a lot of chances to score more centuries.

ODI centuries

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#3 Animal-lover

Yes, he is not only a cricket lover, but also passionate about animals. An Instagram photo shows his love for animals. Where he wrote, “Some quality time spent at a friend’s farm with this gorgeous beast. So powerful yet so caring and affectionate. The love and innocence in his eyes was mesmerizing.” He also has a brown and black beagle who is his best companion.

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#4 Food- lover

Though he needs to stay fit, he loves to eat. But he doesn’t love food from restaurants, rather he loves homemade. His favorite food is his mom’s famous mutton biryani and kheer. During tours he prefers lamb chops and pink salmon. This high protein packed food is also very helpful for his gym routine and practice sessions.

Food- lover

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