Human Brain’s Big Mystery: German Blind Woman’s Vision Activates on One of Her Multiple Personalities!

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Despite many technology advantages, the human is still not understandable and still a mystery. Which is proven now as the case of a blind woman with multiple personality who can see when she switches to her 8th of her 10 personalities.

After suffering a traumatic accident which left this 37-year-old German woman blind, she regained her sight through her multiple personalities. The woman who known only as B.T is suffering from dissociative identity disorder which is actually a multiple disorder where she switches to more than 10 different personality with 10 different ages, genders, habits and even languages competed for control of her. Some of her personalities speak only in German language and the rest uses the English. When she was seeking for the treatment for her DID, she returned her ability to see. However the bizarre twist is, she could only see when she switches to her eighth personality which is of a teenage boy and that she sometimes become.

At first, B.T went to a German psychotherapist Dr. Bruno Waldvogel who checked B.T’s all the medical reports which showed that she has been diagnosed with cortical blindness from trauma to her skull and brain, but her eyes showed no sign of any physical damage. This happened to B.T 14 years ago when she was at the age of 20. Dr. Bruno eventually diagnosed B.T and after 4 years of treating a breakthrough came out when recognized few words from the cover of a magazine as all but two of her personalities regained their sights and as B.T switches to other personalities, her vision turns on and off too. She had adopted the personality of a teenage boy at the time when she was recognizing the words from the cover of the magazine. Doctors began to wonder if her blindness was really caused by a psychological problem or a physical one. So they ran some tests on her including the EEG to see how the visual cortex of her brain responds to visual stimuli. They result gave a shock to the panel of the doctors as B.T being “Blind” didn’t respond to any imagery, but when she is switched to a “sighed” personality, the measurement of her responses to visual stimuli was normal. However, they are now convinced that B.T’s blindness is caused her psychological problem rather than the physical accident where her brain just cut off what she could see.

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Dr. Strasburger explained about this disorder that, both the sighted and blindness could alternate within seconds. As this is a mental process and produced a person’s lack of connection to their feelings, thoughts, actions, memories or sense of identity. This dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism in which a person literally cuts himself from a situation or experience which is too violent, painful traumatic to absorb with their conscious self. Here in this case of B.T cut off her vision as for the violent experience of the accident and her brain turned off to what she has seen.

Over time, B.T has regained her vision on her personalities. At first she was able to to recognize brightly the objects, but eventually everything else around here is visible to her. However, it was limited to one personality state, but slowly now eight of her personalities is sighted, however, two of her blind personalities are still being the same state. According to Dr. Streasburger this situation which are emotionally intense, the patient eventually wishes to become blind, and that is why this kind of thing happens and thus he or she not need to see.


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