How Many Partners to Sue Charlie Sheen!

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Charlie Sheen

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Things are getting ugly once again between Charlie Sheen and his ex-fiancée Brett Rossi. Brett Rossi actress and model, 44 has sued the actor, has filed a new lawsuit against him.

Brett says as she and Charlie had unprotected sexual activities at least 5 times just like “a normal couple” and she became pregnant several months later in March 2014. Soon after that, she discovered HIV pills in Sheen’s medicine cabinet. After that Sheen forced her to get an abortion because she’d give birth to a “retarded child” as he discloses his HIV status.

The Two and a Half Men alum informs that the lawsuit was “a desperate attempt to get more money” after his lawyer claimed Sheen has already paid almost $20 million to Richards over the years.

But it is more interesting to inform the readers that within 24 hours at present, at least, six women plans to sue Charlie Sheen for infliction of emotional fraud, distress, sexual battery … and more are on the way. Sheen the man who also informs that in the last couple of years he had at least 200 partners. So the number of women and their planning to sue Charlie becomes a matter of joke now!


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