What Is the Charm after All in the Horror Films that Makes Being Scared Enjoyable?

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There is nothing about horror movies should make us attracted, well, at least on paper. But it is a billion-dollar industry anyway! Lets’ find out why.

You’ve drawn your blinds tightly, you’ve locked your door, and you have armed yourself with a thick blanket which is ready to cover your eyes and also block your ears. You start the film tentatively knowing that you won’t have the ability to sleep for weeks or shower being afraid about something that might be skulking behind the curtains.

When it is close to the Halloween, many people plan to watch the scariest horror films, as in an entirely more bizarre craziness.

Full with freaking bloody filthy gore, tales of paranormal creatures along with terrorized characters, people’s brains should “arguably” be programmed for avoiding the horror films. Then why millions of people get deliberately seared to entertain themselves?

Underneath the coated fake blood and the prosthetics, these films also have a “soft center”: the power of making us united and our confidence have been boosted by them for years. They are also big as “money-makers”. Since the year 1995, just behind the romantic comedies, horror films grossed more than eight billion US dollar worldwide.

The key to horror’s appeal is it’s attraction to “controlled fear”; the genre also shares with adrenalin-fuelled chases just like the “extreme sports”.

When a human gets scared, in the brain there is a set of neurons shaped like almond, called “amygdala”, sparks off the response called ‘fight or flight’; which causes thenars to sweat, pupils to distend, and makes sure that the body is well-pumped with adrenalin and dopamine.

The human body responds to both echt and fancied fear in the same way, but the feelings of pleasance depends on the person and whether an individual subconsciously have knowledge that they are safe actually.
Psychology’s professor at “Vanderbilt University, USA” named “Dr. David Zald” says according to his recent study, that the brains of some people lack what Dr.David calls “the brakes on the release of dopamine”; which means being scared attracts them!

According to Dr.Bryan Roche, who is a lecturer of psychology department in “Maynooth University, Ireland”, there is a very close relation between fear and pleasure. In both cases, same kind of physiological reactions usually occur. If you see a polygraph report, which measures the rate of heart bit, electrical skin conductibility, rate of breathing etc., you cannot possibly tell for sure whether the person is excited of joy or afraid!

Experience of watching freaky horror films creates psychological-feelings which are interpreted always as ‘fun’ or ‘a short thrill’ and things like that for some people. But for some other people, feelings in their bodies and minds are always interpreted as ‘terror’ or other negative states corresponding to it.

It might surprise you that taking advantage of this aesthesis is not a modern-day phenomenon! This ‘self-scaring’ thing has long been a tool to make people united. According to “Margee Kerr” – a sociology expert who specializes in “fear”, they were given a feel of belonging and encouraging feelings of having “great power”.

Those who are worried about their taste for horror is a symptom of some kind of an “underlying issue”, it might cheer them up that according to the experts, there is no hard evidence for this idea to be just. Then again, if watching a horror movie makes you feel unsettled, you should know that you are certainly not the only one. So my advice for you, stop being worried and keep enjoying being scared!


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