Height Difference Can be The Key to A Happy Relationship: Taller Men Make Women Happier

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What makes a happy relationship? May be a good understanding, shared interests and a sense of humor are considered in the long run. But a study previously proved that the key of a happy relationship is height difference and obviously it is applicable for men. Tall husbands can make their wives happier.

A group of researchers from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, collected data from around 7850 women in this matter and they found that taller husbands can make their wives happier than average men. Women love taller men from ancient times. And still the practice is on. Every girl desires for tall husband. Researchers didn’t ask the husbands of those women as how they feel after hearing this.

Researcher Kitae Sohn wrote in a journal, Personality and Individual Differences that the fact is known for a long time that women like tall men for mating, but no study has looked into if a taller man can make his wife really happy. It was studied that height difference can make an impact over married life. But the matter can be simple as all women like tall men. They just can’t say the reason behind their preferences. The matter is something like people’s food habits without knowing why. Salty, sugary and fatty foods are essential for humans, but foods became rare with the evolution of humans. They craved for such foods and eventually their reproductive system increased in the past. He also stated that taller men can make women more fertile.

Now the good news for every short or average man out there that the theory has become fades with time. You don’t have to worry about your height now. Your height can make a difference in some play grounds, but it will surely not affect your marital life. Sohn wrote that women generally prefer tall men as tall men are considered stronger than average. And women become happy when they get their desired results. But the surprising fact is that this diversion took 18 long years.


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