Gremlins 3: Guess Who’s Back!!

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Another thing for which you can be thankful for on this holiday season is the Gremlins 3. The actor Zach Galligan from the classic horror comedy of 1984 Gremlins uncovered that the series is going to be a trilogy, not a remake.

Galligan, the hero of first two films of this series shared his excitement and said that this film is not going to be a reboot neither it will be a remake in any aspects as it will show the new story ahead. After the screening of the original film in London earlier this week, he shared this news that this film will start right from where the previous one left off 25 years back.

The first film of this series introduced a baby Gremlin named Gizmo although it was a horror comedy movie, the original focus mainly on the horror aspect of the concept. When the second film came out it learned more about comedic elements. Talking about the upcoming film, it will be a closer tone to the original first film and might include some characters too. However, Galligan is not sure about anything yet as nothing is written in the stone neither he is sure of his character is into it or not. As for so, all we can do is wait until the official trailer to come out to solve this unsolved puzzle.


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