Google Will Alert You Whenever Someone Mentions Your Name on the Web!

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The most popular search engine in the world has created a tool that easily and without much detail, we will be alerted every time someone mentions us on google search engine or social networks.

Have you ever searched your name on the Internet? It may be interesting to know which places results appear with your name, either yourself or other people named alike.

” Stay in the Loop ” is the new search feature that appears at the bottom of the first page of results, every time we introduce our own name in the search bar.


By pressing this option, the user will be directed to Google Alerts section, where you must create a list of filters needed: frequency of alerts, region, language, content, and even email to receive summaries of the results.

To appear and operate this service must be enabled web activity and monitoring applications, both are managed from the area of ​​privacy Google account. It is not yet present in all countries but is expected to be activated worldwide by year-end.

The service could be useful to control the content of what is said of a person, in order to be aware of what is said or comments with other citizens about it. Other ways you could use the widget is for advertising purposes, to manage the flow of information about an artist or brand and have more reliable measurements of where it should go a communication strategy.


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