Google Wallet is Now Android Pay

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Android Pay

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Search engine Google has officially launched the digital wallet ‘Android Pay’. In the place of Google Wallet, now you can get the same benefits by using ‘Android Pay’. The general users will able to start from pay to purchases using by this Android Pay. This Android Pay app is available in Play Store for free. Before who used Google Wallet, they will find new updated version in Android Pay.

Most of the banks of USA are now supporting Android Pay. Although many of banks did not support the Google Wallet but in the new Wallet almost all of the bank’s customers will be able to use this service. Google Wallet was introduced in 2011 for make easier to transactions. After further enhanced by adding at the Google developers biggest conference on the Google, IO has an announcement of the introduction of Android Pay with added new more expedite.

Android has increased its security than ever after the director of product management said; we believe that customers have very important to the security of personal and financial information. So we have tried to ensure maximum security accounts in virtual so that customers have all the information are safe. By using Android Pay customers will able to shop from the specific stores with their smartphone.


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