Google is Developing New Operating System Called Fuchsia; Know More

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Google New Operating System

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Here is a mystery: Google is working on a new operating system, but still we do not know exactly what. The project name is fuchsia, and the information about it were removed from the code heap in the warehouse of company codes and also on GitHub. So far Google has not officially announced this news.

So what does it serve? There are several possibilities: some people think it can be used to unify the Chrome OS and Android system in an operating system, while others say it can be used in the Internet of Things.

When looking at the Fuchsia, we can see some clues. For example, the OS uses Magenta, a medium-sized microkernel that is based on a project called LittleKernel, which was designed to be used in embedded systems.

Two of the developers involved in the project Fuchsia, Christopher Anderson and Brian Swetland, are experts in embedded systems. Swetland is a senior software engineer with Google and Anderson has worked in TV and Android Nexus Q. projects.

According to Google, the Magenta’s focus is modern smartphones and computers with fast processors and a small amount of RAM. Further evidence that the Fuchsia is aimed at more than just devices connected to the Internet. Google already has its own IoT platform and the OS adds support for graphics rendering. A Hacker News user also suggested that the Fuchsia can be used in augmented reality interfaces.

All this is just speculation. The only thing we know for sure is that the description of Fuchsia GitHub is “Pink + Purple == Fushcia (a new Operating System).”

Fuchsia is a dark pink, almost purple, found in the eponymous flower, which was named after the botanist Leonhart Fuchs. Swetland said about the project: “the decision was to make it open source, so it’s best to start open source from the beginning.”


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