Is Gmail Ending or Becoming Powerful? Google Starts Migrating Users

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We don’t actually know what is going on, but it is sure that something interesting is happening at the arena abruptly. Google is notifying its users of its observational “Inbox By Gmail” service and it is the replacement of their Gmail account!

When users enter inbox they see the pop-up there where they are saying thank you for trying inbox and they have updated Gmail service to make it easier for you. That means the complete is not there rather you will be redirected to inbox that is located at

But there is good news for everyone; if anyone doesn’t want their new service then the person can turn it off. Thus their both services will remain alive. They have been testing this process for past months and now they are sure that they can run the service successfully. But Google doesn’t see it as a separate service rather they think that the shifting of inbox over the URL is just a replacement nothing else.

People who take inbox service reported that it is nothing new; Google has been secretly doing this shifting for a few days. Google started its process a few months ago and they notified a very few users. After getting positive responses, they started expanding their work. You can think it as the new beginning of the gmail or end of it.

The reality is Google is changing its 11 year old service to make users more comfortable. Over 900 million users will get more facilities from Google’s service now. Their new service offers users a huge amount of intelligent automated features that include tickets reminder, smart identification of images and many more. Everybody will agree with them, but a respective amount of high profile users asked why they have not seen any such feature yet.

Google said that they are planning to execute their plan slowly. And if users face any problem then they can get back to gmail’s older service. Their Wave hybrid email/messaging service was dismissed before and we need to see how their new service survives. Google is still unable to build excitements through its processes. Inbox is smarter in this matter as it prefers standard gmail accounts and Google has made its backup by putting go back option. Gmail accounts are the foundation of all google services so Google can’t afford if it backfires.


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