Forgive People, Not Because they Deserve it, but You Need to Get Ahead with your Life…

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Sometimes forgiving can be so difficult as the people we think about forgiving hurt us so bad that thinking of forgiving them seems like a sin! And on top of that they don’t feel sorry for what they have done, and that makes forgiving out of the question. But if we think about it with a little more depth it becomes clear that when we hold on to the grief and anger raised by the betrayal of others, we just keep hurting ourselves and it gets harder and harder by time as we refuse to let things go.

But a Colombian engineering student Marbel Barros has written an article on this matter that would be a contributing factor to open your eyes about how forgiving people even if they are not sorry about their deeds makes your life peaceful and make you move forward with it with happiness. The article of Barros has been translated and given for you here. The article is more of a message to the one who hurt his emotion so badly :

It has been more than three months since the last time we met, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I forgive you. Okay, I never received an apology from you, but I did that to move on and heal my wounds; I had to imagine that you were sorry. I will not say it was easy for me to forgive you, but it really was almost a big achievement.

Forgive me for believing blindly in a love that never existed. For surrendering my body and soul without thinking of my own happiness even for one second. For always wanting to be that person who dreamed of a happy ending. Not to see the thousands of signs saying I should not go on any longer on your side. For begging your company and your affection. For plans to change all my life to imagine a life with you … I do not think I should go on with this because I’m sure that will not make you think for a second about how much I suffered.

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Everyone talks about how important it is to forgive the person who did so much damage but they forget that the key element is to forgive yourself. I want you to know I do not blame anything of what happened on you; all I want to do is to thank you for making me fall into account that there is something more important than being at peace with oneself. There was no day that does not reproaching me the damage I did , because despite all the things you did to hurt me which made me suffer I was the one who allowed you to do so.

I want you to know how happy I am to have forgiven you.


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