He’s not her Husband/Bf – It’s the First ever Male Pleasure Doll!!

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Image Credit: difundir.org

She is the first Woman to Spend a Night of Passion with the First-ever Male Pleasure Doll!

One of the best things about sex is the personal connection that develops between two people who carry out the act. Each one experiences his/her own measure and the concept is that it is an immense gift that life has given us. Now, we thought what would happen if there was not really that connection? I do not mean the lack of chemistry between two people or lack of interest. The question has more to do with : what would happen if there were no connection at all? – Have you ever thought about it?

Well, for the first time, a woman decided to experience that reality. What did she do?- She had sex with a doll!
Sex columnist for Vogue and Vice magazines, Karley Sciortino, decided to take the matter a step further and had sex with a doll that truly looks like a real man.

To get the detail about this matter follow this YouTube link featuring a full documentary about this, which we cannot publish on our site for significant reasons.


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