Find Out Exactly What Google Knows About You

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It’s no secret that Google collects information about users. And now here comes a new website called “My action” which will show you how deeply Google launched its tentacles into your life.

New Google’s site “My action” is the visual form of all the data that we put on the giant search engine. With it you can easily find what you are looking for on the Internet, which sites you have visited, what videos you have seen along with what music you listen to. You can even see what programs are running on your smartphone. In general, you will get almost any information you can imagine.

There are two display options for viewing: in chronological order and in the form of clusters. You can also use a filter by date or by type of information to display the record you are interested in.

The site “My action” allows you to not only view the collected information, but also to remove some of the entries. To do this, you need to find “Select” in the top panel in the menu and there you will also get the option of removing unwanted entries.

Yes, we know that Google collects information about us. But this new option will let you see in your own eyes. Remember, this is for your own good.


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