Federer and Hingis Will Play the Mixed Doubles in Rio Olympics on Behalf of Switzerland

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Federer and Hingis Will Play the Mixed Doubles in Rio Olympics on Behalf of Switzerland.They were first seen together in 2001. Then one was standing to the reputation of the middle-sky, and the other was just spreading fragrance. Their ages are close, one is 35 year old and the other is just one year younger. What’s interesting is after 15 years again they will go to tie the pair in Rio Olympics. Roger Federer and Martina Hingis will play the mixed doubles in Rio’s tennis court on behalf of Switzerland.

The rumor was heard since few days. Yesterday, Federer made sure saying “Yes, I will be playing with Martina Hingis in mixed doubles. I am so excited because I did not play with Martina for 15 years.” Hingis has given the offer to Federer, the 17-time Grand Slam owner did not take more time to agree the offer. Federer has still the fascination for Hingis. “She is almost my same age. When she began to win the Grand Slam, I was in the National Tennis Centre. I was just trying to be professional. it was really incredible to me to see how good she was! “, he said.

However, Federer played before in the doubles at the Olympics. In 2008, in Beijing Olympics he won the men’s doubles with Stanislas Wawrinka. Once again, he is going to make the partnership with Wawrinka in this year. Olympics appeal, ‘It is different to Federer, every Olympics is an extraordinary experience, and there are many things to learn here. One of the most proud moment is carrying the flags of own country. The feeling was unbelievable in Athens and Beijing.’


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