Facebook Opens Instant Articles to All Publishers!

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Facebook Opens Instant Articles

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Facebook opens instant articles, and the platform provides immediate loading of articles without having to leave Facebook, generating an increase of readers and shares. It also supports WordPress, Medium, Drupal and Stellar.

As promised in late February, and after including the WordPress blog with sites which enables using Instant Articles, Facebook officially announced the availability of the platform to all publishing platforms, including Medium, Drupal, and Steller.

According to the company, the adoption of Instant Articles system has been incredible, with over 1,000 publishers from all over the world who have joined the initiative: “There is clear evidence that the Instant Articles offer a better experience of reading and a significant increase of readers. Publishers looking to reach their audience through Facebook, have got a great platform, “wrote Josh Roberts, product manager of Faccebook.

The Instant Articles, in fact, have generated 20% more clicks to date than links to external sites to the platform, with 30% more shares later and with 70% fewer dropouts in reading – probably due to loading time of pages, according to Facebook. The platform now supports the Branded Content or editorial content, even including the sponsor’s logo, if required.

Each publisher interested in this matter, can enroll in the program by clicking on instantarticles.fb.com.


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