Evolution of top 10 Dogs Throughout last 100 years: Look what ‘We’ Did to Them!

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You won’t believe what we have caused them to look more adorable. Yes, believe it or not, the Humans are Responsible for this! In evolutionary terms, 100 years is a short time for a species to have significant changes in their physical structure. However, when man intrudes, things can be very different, and in fact, we share the images below on 10 most popular different breeds of dogs in 1900 and today; which will surely make you jaw-dropped.

#1 English Bulldog

They have the most fat cheek, which has caused them difficulty in breathing and to regulate body temperature. However, it was not like this 100 years ago!

English Bulldog

Image Credit: upsocl.com

#2 Bull Terrier

Their legs are shorter and their faces are quite distorted, that makes them look like kind of an alien breed!

Bull Terrier

Image Credit: upsocl.com

#3 Beagle

A 100 years ago, they were quite sporty despite their size. But, today, they are walking hunched and have shorter legs and snout. Admit it, if i did not tell you, if would have been very hard for you to detect that these two dogs in the picture are from the same breed.


Image Credit: upsocl.com

#4 Chow-Chow

Today, the Chow-Chow can barely see with this enormous layer of hair. Needless to say that they must be suffering in places with high temperatures. But looking a 100 years back from now, the situation was not so bad for them.


Image Credit: upsocl.com


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