The Beginning of the End of AIDS: World AIDS Day 2015

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The Secretariat of AIDS shared some useful information relating to this issue on the street fair on Monday.
The head of the national AIDS program is going to mark the World AIDS Day today to remind the affected ones that the virus is not a seed of death and it can be cured by proper care and treatment and they can live a healthier life. The Manager of this AIDS program Williams is campaigning to have safe sex and said that; if people take care of their hypertension and diabetes then they can obviously take care take care of them with HIV.

Today there are there 789 people living with the virus and more than 35 million adult and 2.6 million children are affected by this disease. And the department is working overtime to reduce the number, said Williams. He added that one person living with the HIV is a huge thing and they don’t want people to live with this. Thus, they are working and offering people of free testing and information so that people who are active to sex can make their right choice which is also a protection for them as well as the one with who they are engaged to. The manager of the program spoke during a health fair which held on this Monday as a part of the World AIDS Day activities.

The World AIDS Day March is sponsored by the State Insurance Corporation and the observation continued today. A number of top ranked agencies joined this event in the awareness march. The march started from the House of Culture. On the coming Sunday, a group of activist will journey to Barbuda to host a full week of activity relation to this Event.


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