Eight features of our brain is still not solved by scientists

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Human Brain. He is said to have all the people.
This is one of the most complex and incomprehensible organs of our body. Whether it even easier, we still have not managed to grasp it, alas. Because they themselves would then be much more stupid.
The powerful arsenal of modern technology and old-fashioned psychology has helped us to make many discoveries about this mysterious object. How a simple cluster of cells creates memories, feelings, consciousness? Think about it, what a miracle: electrical impulses of the brain in combination with certain words on the screen can draw in your imagination green man, motivate you mentally shout that phrase, to recognize in some squiggles meaningful words, in the end!
The greatest minds of Neurobiology still cannot find any strong logic driving force of our brain. Where does personality? How do we distinguish sleep from wakefulness? Is free will an illusion? Why play the brain is incredibly difficult – even on the most advanced supercomputers?

01. Where did he get this speed?

Where did he get this speed?  features of our brain

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We hear a comparison of the human brain with a supercomputer, but in fact the brain is awfully slow. The speed at which signals are transmitted on it, is approximately one millionth of the signal transmission speed in the computer.
Nevertheless, we recognize those songs and even odors instantly, and the computer it takes much longer – although technically it is faster. This paradoxical speed, probably due to the brain’s ability to parallel processing. But how to explain this very ability?
The complex multiple parallel processes? The fact that they offer the same variety of different results at the same time. That is why the computer is slow in making a decision. However, the brain mysteriously sorts the results with lightning speed and produces one single thought, behavioral response or a memory.

02. Location taken individuality ?

Location taken individuality ? features of our brain

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Although more precise, perhaps, will say, we have our brains. It seems that this soft substance, located in the head, and hides itself in our personality (that would be wonderful, if it is discovered, for example, in the intestines). How does the brain makes us us?
The eternal debate: nature or nurture? What is our identity is determined by genes and psychology, and what is nurtured environment? The point is this: our personality is simply obliged to reside in the brain, but for hundreds of years, we have never been able to certainly determine the nature of man looking at his brain – and even more so, genes.
Perhaps those are right who support the endless debate “toward education”? Is not a fact. Why, then, people that grew in the same environment, have a completely different personality?

03. Why do we sleep and dream?

Why do we sleep and dream? features of our brain

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Sleep is extremely important, no questions. A considerable part of the day – and a third of all life – we have to carry out in a state of unconscious and defenseless. It is not so easy, and sometimes risky, yet all mammals, reptiles and birds sleep. We have no doubt that sleep is vital for us, but do not have a clue why.
The main thing – it is not clear how the dream in general gives us energy. Her we get in the process of digestion of food, but try to replace sleep eating – and a long time you do not hang on. During sleep, we burn a decent amount of energy, but feel fresh and more energetic upon awakening, than before. How and why? This puts scientists in a deadlock.
With dreams the same. Versions their account enough: disorderly excitation of neurons, translation memories into long-term memory, deep learning … Today, however, the dream remains a mystery, like a thousand years ago.

04. How memories are stored?

How memories are stored? features of our brain

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Well, a quick call to his memory yesterday’s breakfast, first kiss or the first day of school. Happened? But as? How do you call those memories? Where were they?
Memories are stored in our brain in the form of a code, like the contents of a computer hard disk. Probably. At least, neuroscientists assumed that the memory is arranged just so, because otherwise it cannot be arranged. However, where in fact inhabit our memories, while we do not think about them? Unknown.
In addition, there are several types of memory. One allows you to recall the first kiss, the other helps to remember the name of a new acquaintance. But the memory – it is not only a record of information, but also a way to use it. For example, the memory of the appearance of one particular cat helps identify other cats – even if they have a different color, size of the country and do not have enough legs. Moreover, you can even imagine a nonexistent cat! In this regard, memory and imagination are very similar.


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