What Really Happens if You don’t Put Your Phone on “Flight Mode” During Flights

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don't put your phone on

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If you’re like me, probably more than once you’ve wondered why when you go on a flight, you are asked to turn off your cell phone. And many times I’ve been in the air and put my phone in “Flight mode,” AKA “airplane mode;” I get the terrible doubt what if I rebel against the system and NOT put my phone in “airplane mode”?

What is going to happen? Will the plane collapse and we will fall downhill with an irretrievable ending? I can hardly believe it; however, I have not done that. If it would fall I’ll probably feel a little guilty.
So, in a moment of leisure, with nothing to do and I have a lot of free time, I remembered that doubt and decided to make better use of internet publications and share on social networks.

don't put your phone on

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It turns out that the most popular reason for this rule is that the signals can interfere with electronic devices of an aircraft and cause it to stop working and crashing. Tragic, no doubt. However, the truth is that it is very unlikely to happen.

The real reason is this:

If you do not put your phone in “airplane mode” or turn it off during a flight, pilots and all those responsible for air traffic control will be hearing quite an annoying buzz. It is the kind of noise you hear when a microphone is too close to the speakers and, as you know, it is a sound that is definitely not pleasant to be listening.

So, next time you want to rebel against the system when the pilot asks to turn off your cell, imagine how annoying it is for those people to be listening that buzz throughout the flight. It’s what the drivers have to endure when any passenger too ignorant or foolish and refuses to follow the rules.

Believe me, you do not want to mess with those people who are responsible for your life for many hours when you are on a flight. Next time, do not get smart or make so many questions. Only obey and trust the rule. Everything has a reason for being. So if you don’t put your phone on “Flight Mode” during flights, you are risking your own life.


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