It’s a Demo of how Dangerous Alcohol is : A Mom Drank Up to No Less than 40 Beers a Day Before she Realized the Reality…

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It is true that every single one of us has a thing called “guilty pleasure”; however, there are some who possesses the willpower of controlling their urges while most of us allow them to take over our lives. Now, with the fact into account, there are many people who are using their guilty pleasures as a tool of self-medicating themselves from their mental issues like depression or stress. For example, a woman of 35, named “Beverley Pickorer”, who is the mother of four children and who knows everything about self-medication.

Pickorer turned to alcohol when she was in her early twenties. She was using alcohol as a way to get over several unsuccessful relationships. But as she was continuing with the effort of drinking away her problems, her dependency on alcohol got stronger by day. Eventually, her addiction and illness became so extreme that she reached the point where she had to consume around forty cans/bottles of beer a day!

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By the time Pickorer reached her mid-thirties, her health already had begun to be diminished.

At just the age of 35 years, she started to yield to a deadly illness because of the cirrhosis of her liver. She started to lose her teeth one by one as well as her ability of speaking fluently. Being incapable of doing anything for herself, she spent several months in a facility that provides “critical care”. At every step of the process, Anthony Howard – Beverley’s devoted partner stood by her side. At one point Anthony started to think about using his beloved partner’s terrible situation for helping others.

Anthony released few pictures of the terrible effects alcohol had on his partner.

The pictures he released were shocking to an extreme level and perhaps hard to look at for some of you. The teeth of Beverley had been rotted entirely; her skin had become yellow because of the jaundice she got from her liver-damage. And the skeleton-like frame of the once-beautiful and young (technically she was still young at the time the pictures were taken) woman had left her nearly impossible to be recognized. She began to suffer from invariant epileptic seizures and became incapable of doing anything for herself.

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Her devoted lover Anthony had no way but to watch his darling waiting for an extremely painful and untimely death.
As days went by, the condition of Beverley continued to get worse. At a point, she completely lost her vision as well as getting completely bedfast. The only duty of the nurses was to turn her body over between every few hours so that she does not get bed sore. After many years of heavy abuse of alcohol, she had ultimately been left with nothing. Her loved ones and children had nothing to do but to watch her sufferings.

In August of 2014, Beverley’s sufferings came to an end as she passed away from this world.

The story of Beverley is indeed a heartbreaking one. But as it is sad, it is also eye-opening. The crippling addiction to the deadly substance ultimately caused the woman her life. Addiction can never be a good thing for anyone. It is very important for everyone to remember that if anyone wants to defeat it, there are always ways, and your loved ones will always support us. Addiction can never be the solution for anything; it is a deadly problem by itself.

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