It’s Dead, But It’s Still Full of Dark Matter: Mysterious Galaxy

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There is a small galaxy near the Milky Way called the Triangulum II, which has 1,000 stars where our own galaxy has 100 billion figure. As its star formation is over so it is nothing but a “Dead” galaxy. Though being dead, the galaxy has some dark secret which makes the galaxy the most interesting ghost town in space.

Dark matter is a term which means a unobserved matter that might bulk up the cosmos and gives gravity to the galaxy of an amount that they need to spin without falling into pieces. However, we haven’t caught the dark matter in a straight observation but the scientists are trying to learn about it based on the effects it has on more typical forms of matter. Scientists are still trying to find how much the dark matter interacts with the rest of the Universe. As for now, the answer is little but it is enough to keep the things interesting.

To measure the influence of the gravity force in the inner working of the galaxy, in other you can say telltale signs of the dark matters for which Kirby and his colleagues had to rely on just six stars as the rest are too dim. The proportion of the dark matter to luminous matter is the highest of any other galaxy as we know after Kirby made the measurement. It is wow! he said. If the galaxy is the best way for us to find the gamma radiations when they interact with one another. However, this is really very hard to find all these gamma rays in the noise of space but as the Triangulum II is dead, so the scientist probably can get a good look on it.


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