Creator of “Fallout 4” Sued by a Player

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The Creator of the game “Fallout 4” was sued by a man from Russia for making the game too addictive. He claimed that he lost his job as well as his wife since he played the game for 3 weeks straight.

The man who sued the creator does not want to reveal his name and wants $7000 in compensation from Bethesda Game Studio. Gizmoto reported that the man’s lawyer released a statement in which he said that he didn’t realize how addictive the action role-playing game was. He said if he knew about the game, he would never buy it.

According to the “Fallout 4” website, this game is an action role-playing game of a post-apocalyptic Boston in 2287, 210 years after a nuclear war in which the main character of the game is of an underground bunker named Vault. By completing various quests, the player gains the experience points to level up. The guy claimed that he got fired from his job as he skipped the office work for playing the game for hours. However, this was not the reason of his wife left him. The hunger for reaching the higher level, he used to play the game day and night and due to lack of sleep he got sick and his wife left him.

This is the first time that a lawsuit sits in Russia of this kind and the lawyer of the man said that they want to see how far they can go with this case. Till now the company didn’t respond to any of this reports.


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