9 Common Travel Mistakes Novice and Independent Travelers Make and Ways to Avoid Them

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Independent traveling is experiencing a boom in popularity today. You will learn enough about how to travel alone, visit the most beautiful and interesting sights of the world, learn about a new culture in many articles. After reading all those, if you are interested to travel, then read this article. It will save you from a lot of troubles.Here are 9 travel mistakes independent and novice travelers make with ways to avoid them.

1. Too many things

Too many things

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When you are going for the first time in a long period of independent travel, some people want to take as many things as possible. In this case, our brain builds more intricate situation, beginning with the words “What if all of a sudden…” Remember that all this you will have to carry on your back and the turn your trip to the torture. Typically, a person needs very little things, and if there is lack of things, you can almost always get there.

2. Rigid route planning

Rigid route planning

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Sometimes novice travelers believe that if they thoroughly plan out the entire route and calculate all the ways and transportation, it will protect them from unwanted situations and stresses. But more often it turns out the other way around. Therefore, planning, of course, is necessary, but do it without too much fanaticism.

3. Too fast paced

Too fast paced

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When you get to a new country, you will want to be in everywhere and see everything. The desire is understandable, but you must follow it carefully. Make a plan of visiting places. Take care of yourself so that you can enjoy your traveling. Focus on the quality of your experience. Meet the sunrises in beautiful places, inhale the aromas of new dishes and meet new traditions.

4. Belief in digital technology

Belief in digital technology

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We are living in a totally amazing digital time, and many things are losing their material embodiment. But in the countries, through which you are travelling, may not yet have heard of e-tickets, credit cards and online services. So be prepared for all kinds of situations. Always carry paper copies of your tickets, boarding passes, maps and other important documents.

5. Roaming


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Careless use of roaming abroad can cost you dearly. In the web you can find enough stories when inexperienced tourists return home were forced to pay huge sums for mobile using. So before starting your journey, find out most suitable system of using mobile phones.

6. Credulity


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Many people, who travel alone, hold diametrically opposing points of view. Some believe that the world is full of evil and deception, so they can be hurt or rob anywhere. Others, on the contrary, have belief in peace, friendship and mutual assistance. It is true, you can be robbed, so don’t trust anyone blindly and listen to your instincts. Try to avoid most tempting offers.

7. Wastefulness


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Some people who in normal circumstances are not inclined to extravagance, traveling completely blows the roof. They start to buy senseless “authentic” trinkets, dine at the most expensive places and buy pretentious excursions. Remember that the quality of the journey is not always directly dependent on the amount spent on it. Know in advance the correct exchange rate, compare the prices in different places, and do not hesitate to bargain. And never ever agree to any services without pre-agreed price.

8. Lack of insurance

Lack of insurance

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We all hope only for the best. But sometimes problems can come. Always be prepared for any unwanted situation. Do not be greedy and always Arrange travel insurance that will help in case of unforeseen trouble.

9. Lack of knowledge of local traditions

Lack of knowledge of local traditions

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It is important to know the culture of place where you are travelling. You need to know when to stop and never break really serious taboo, especially those associated with religion. So take the time and learn at least basic guidelines of behavior in the countries you plan to visit. It is better, if you learn a few local words. People perceive it as a sign of respect for their country.

Above things will make you prepare for a nice journey, but if possible, take advice from other travelers who have experience.


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