Claire Sweeney Said That She Has Moved on After Splitting With Daniel Reilly: Her Son is Her Life Now

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Claire Sweeney and her husband, Daniel Reilly got separated about 9 months ago and now Claire has revealed that she has moved on in her life and doesn’t think of past. This TV presenter said that she and her husband will remain good friends and still they are friends after the birth of their son. Looks like their son, Jaxon has made them so cool.

This actress and TV presenter has just said to OK! Online that she actually was never interested to fight with her ex and now their son is helping them to stay friends. She said, her son is her life and she doesn’t want anything else now. She is happy that she is working very hard and earning enough money to take care of her son and herself. She is happy as she has got a son and a great position.

Though, Claire and her husband are friends, but they won’t be together again. She said, she doesn’t want to reunite with her ex and they are happy about their friendship. They think, they are good friends as well as good parents.

They will keep their friendship intact as they want to ensure a secured parenthood for their son. They don’t want that their son will be brought up under any difficult situation like many other children.


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