“Christian Bale” Learned How to Play Drums Just in Two Weeks by Listening Only Pantera & Mastodon

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Instead of his decision to step out from ‘Enzo Ferrari Biopic’ over weight gain concern and health related issues, but it is undeniable that Christian Bale is noted as one of the most devoted and committed actors in Hollywood. This actor had lost 63 pounds of weight for the film ‘The Machinist’ just after the film ‘Batman Begins’.

But do you believe that literally Bale learned playing drum for his just-done film “The Big Short” directed by Adam McKay’s, and he did learn playing drum by listening and following Pantera and Mastodon. And in that film, Bale’s character’s name Mike Burry was seen playing double kick-drum following a track “By Demons Be Driven” of Pantera.

Bale reported to “Screenrant” that he has grabbed the drum playing skills by going through an intense two-week rapid course instructed by a drum-mentor, and he also confessed that during that time he would listen to Pantera and Mastodon only but nothing else.Bale also informed that at the time of shooting he had torn his knee, and then director Adam McKey recommended adding another body for that drum scene, but Bale refused Adam totally, said also “It will be all right.”

Let’s watch the conversation of “Christian Bale” on how he learned playing drum with Screenrant.

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