Chinese Researchers Unveil Brain Controlled Car

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Researchers from the north-east port city of Tianjin have developed China’s first mind-controlled car that will help drivers to drive cars with brain power. This car would arguably be the first of its kind. The researchers of Nankai University worked really hard to develop this new technology. After two years of continuous research, they are now bringing their dream project into reality.

Brain signal-reading equipment will help drivers to control the cars. By wearing the reading equipment drivers can command their cars to go forward, backwards or even come to a stop. They can even lock and unlock cars with the controller, and the most interesting part of all is that they don’t need to move their hands or feet.

Researcher Zhang Zhao explained how the equipment works, he said that the equipment contains 16 sensors that catch electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from the driver’s brain and eventually directs the car. There is an advanced computer program related to the equipment which chooses the pertinent signals and interprets them. After choosing, the brain signal reading equipment transmits the signals to the connected computer wirelessly. The computer operates the signals to classify and recognize driver’s purpose. And then the computer interprets them to command the car. EEG signals processing is the main task of the computer, Zhang said.

Associate Professor Duan Feng from the College of Computer and Control Engineering was the head of that project. He said that this advanced technology is designed to give extraordinary service to humans. They are on their way to develop mixed brain-controlled technology and driverless cars. Duan said that driverless cars can bring further benefits to us. Whether the car is driverless or not, the technology will be of great help as it can realize the human intentions. Human beings are going to get super-advanced services from the cars. The idea of this type of car first came up for helping the handicapped people though.

The researchers said that, this could assist the drivers stay focused to their driving, as most of the accidents on the roads are caused by the distractions. The brain control reading can move the car to backward and to forward with no use of their hands and feet, but his system might not be useful to stop the accidents that occurs while the drivers absent-minded.


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