10 Celebrity Kids Who are Really Stylish

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Celebrities lives very interesting and luxurious life. The lifestyle of the stars is a matter of curiosity of the people. The fans are always curious about what celebrities does, what they wears and where they goes. When a celebrity fall in love or marry, It’s a news of excitement for the fans. The celebrity’s children are also in this list. People also shows their affections for the star family kids. The Star kids are the reflection of their celebrity parents. They also learn to live like the way their parent lived. From the childhood they start to follow the styles and way of their parents .Here is a list of 10 celebrity kids who are really stylish.

#1 Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise the daughter of Tom Cruise is known as the most stylish child of all time. This little girl followed her mom Katie Holmes, who is a fashion icon. Suri also starts to suggest her mom about dresses and shoes.Her mother also says about her good sense of style

Suri Cruise

Image Credit: huffpost.com

#2 Kingston Rossdale

Kingston Rossdale is the child of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani.The boy is a little rock star who is only in kindergarten now. The boy is often seen to wear stylish boot and plaid.The stylish boy followed his father as an icon.

Kingston Rossdale

Image Credit: babycenter.com

#3 Willow Smith

Willow Smith the daughter of Will Smith is another stylish child. She is only nine now but wears dresse like a teenage.She likes Mohawks, harem pants and animal prints to wear.She has the sense of fashion like an icon in her very early age.

Willow Smith

Image Credit: tigerbeat.com

#4 Levi McConaughey

Levi McConaughey is the son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves is a very stylish child.

Levi follows the style of his dad and he likes to walk without shirts,But in the parties and gatherings he likes to wear suits like his father.

Levi McConaughey

Image Credit: justjared.com


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