7 Brain Facts That are Completely Myth

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Now-a-days, almost everyone talks about an issue and that is which part of our brain is more developed- left or right? You will find thousands of articles on this topic, and at some point, you will start believing that you are either left or right brained. The fact is, our whole brain needs development for our activities. And in some cases, people with half brain can function like people with whole brain.

Here is a list of 7 brain facts we believe, but aren’t true.

#1 The larger the brain, the better

The larger the brain, the better

Image Credit: medicalxpress.com

We know that humans are the most intelligent creature on Earth. But if the weight of the brain matters then Elephant and Whale are the most intelligent creatures. Actually, brain size doesn’t matter. The main secret of our intellect is the complex structure of the brain and here we just have no equal. Neuroscience specialist Gerard Edelman once called the human brain “the most complex object in the universe.” One of your brain cortexes contains from 19 to 23 billion neurons, each of which may be connected to their neighbors by tens of thousands of different ways.

#2 Different people have one of the hemispheres of the brain more developed

Different people have one of the hemispheres of the brain more developed

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This popular myth has arisen in 1970, when a very famous neurologist Roger Sperry in one of his articles reported the detection of cognitive differences between the brain hemispheres. There are certain tasks that make one of the two hemispheres of the brain to work more actively than others. However, everything that you do, affects both hemispheres at the same time. And there is no evidence that the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity, and the left – for the analytical mind. People, who remove their one part of brain because of disease, can function like people with full brain.

#3 We use only 10% of our brain

We use only 10% of our brain

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If so, where is it located and which part are you using? The truth is that if you want to eat, sleep, think and feel, you need a brain. Modern imaging technology can capture the work of the whole brain. These photos put an end to the popular myth once and for all. We can’t only use 10% of our brain, we must use the whole of it.

#4 Ageing means deterioration of mental activity

Ageing means deterioration of mental activity

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It’s not as easy as it seems. Some abilities really weaken with age such as, short-term memory and attention. But at the same time some mental skills still improve. Elderly people are emotional that being analytical. They usually have more emotional or social nature than analytical. Perhaps this is why many studies have overlooked, because most scientists are interested to concentrate on specific tasks, rather than practical mental faculties. Studies, for example, have shown that older people have a greater vocabulary and better use it than younger. Old people are also more satisfied with their lives and have a more harmonious relationship. Scientists sometimes call it “cognitive pattern “, but all the other people are accustomed to call it “wisdom.”


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