Bradley Cooper Says That His Confidence is Attractive

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Bradley Cooper is one of the hottest men in Hollywood, no doubt. And now he thinks that being comfortable actually makes him attractive. The “Joy” actor says that he doesn’t think of being a sex symbol, but still sometimes he feels that he looks better than others. According to him, he has stopped thinking that he is attractive to people. He feels comfortable that makes him better than others. He is very much comfortable being himself which makes him more attractive. Whatever people think is not that important to him. His notion is much important than people’s judgment.

Veteran TV presenter Barbara Walters thinks that Bradley Cooper is unbelievably sexy even at his 40. Barbara is 86 now and still Cooper is sexy in her eyes. On her show, Barbara took interview of Bradley Cooper as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People. She said that she could sit and stare at Cooper for a long time as she finds him attractive. She also said that Cooper was handsome and sexy in her eyes. ‘Burnt’ actor Amy Schumer is another fascinating person to Barbara.


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