Boy Dies from Stroke After Getting a Love bite from his Girlfriend!

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A teenage boy has died because of stroke after getting a love bite from his girlfriend. Family is blaming the older girlfriend who has disappeared.

Julio Macias Gonzalez, 17, from Mexico, was at the dinner table with his family when he started having sudden seizures. Emergency help was called immediately, but the boy died didn’t survivet. It is believed his girlfriend gave him a love bite earlier that day, and the suction caused a blood clot that has traveled to the boy’s brain, The Mirror reports.

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The paramedics were immediately called to the scene, but unfortunately Julio could not be saved and died instantly.
This is not the first time a love bite caused serious damage. A 44 year old woman became partially paralyzed after a stroke in very similar situation in 2011.

Doctors in New Zealand were struggling to understand what caused this when they noticed a pale bruise on his neck with a large artery damaged underneath. The doctor who treated the woman, Dr. Teddy Wu, said: “To my knowledge, this is the first time someone was hospitalized for a love bite.”


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