Bird Flu Virus: Japan Prohibited Importingh Frenc Foie Gras

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According to a recent report, Japan has banned import of the French foie grass because of bird flu attack. An officer from the agriculture ministry said about it on last Friday that the ban has been effective since last November 26, and will be lifted after 90 days until the poultry farms finish destroying their infected birds. The AFP official told the poultry farm owners to take proper measures.

Japan has decided to stop importing live birds from France until the European Commission confirmed about the safety. The report said that the farms of birds and chicken are infected with the bird flu strains. The products which are made before 23 October are allowed to be imported, yet these products would have to go through a three-week of incubation for the diagnosis of virus. The products that are made after that due date are banned for import. The official said they have restricted the products to enter into Japan to prevent the outbreak. They will continue the ban for 90 more days. The restriction will be revoked after the French poultry industry assures about the sanitation and disinfection. They have to destroy the farm birds and chickens to do so. But the officials in Japan admitted that they would rely on the French authorities and are looking forward to knowing the updated information.

France alone shares 75 percent of the total foie grass production in the world. Japan exported nearly 4,934 tonnes of foie gras last year. For the first eight months, Japan has been the top importer of foie grass, reported by a French Poultry industry group. Other countries who import the product also banned it immediately after the outbreak. The countries like China, Egypt, Thailand, Algeria, Tunisia, South Korea, and Morocco has also prohibited the import of French Poultry products. They have done so in the fear of bird flu outbreak. These countries have not talked about the future import of French live birds and chickens yet. However, Japan has decided to keep the ban for some more days. After being assured about the disinfection and sanitation by the French industry, the country will go for their next import.


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