Bengal Tigers: The Symbol of Royalty and Beauty

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Nature made their pace slowly through the clam green slumber of the forest. The mentioned monsoon dweller had spent several hours walking through the tropical delta. Sometimes crossing the silent flowing lakes towards the Genjwa bejwel flower blossoms or just chasing the beauty in the mangrove. The light was diminishing as the group of five followed the honey hunters. The topic is clearly being discussed about the massive southern mangrove territory in Bangladesh. You are required to follow through a smart guide who will lead announcement that this is the end for today. Every day you are visiting will blow your mind through an unsatisfied quench that he will be changing your personal direction since the mangrove beauty is awesome and for you irresistible.

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As you start to cross the nearby river, a clear yellow and black passed into the lagoon ahead; the yellow was gleaming in the setting sun and the back was so regal that it would shine from miles and still catch your attention. Leader cautiously will be signaling you to take the other direction. Just at that moment, the luxurious beast chose to turn back. You are already fallen in love with the nature. You are lucky to catch the glimpse of a rare moment of the Royal Bengal Tiger of Bangladesh. Its eyes fierce and sharp, paws relaxed and tail lowered but slightly curved. Once we asked it about and the concerned zombie team sated us, “It was returning home after the day but decided to take a pause to take a look at the intruders in his forest. It stood on the other bay as if enjoying the summer breeze and the enigmatic beauty of the moment, just like us. The setting sun casted a long shadow along the emerald island and the light breeze filled the air with a sweet smell of the nearby blooming Kankara. It will be an understatement to call it royal, but there is no better word that can truly reflect the beauty of the Royal Bengal Tiger of Bangladesh.”

They are hospitable and used to say, “Visit us, visit our monsoon biosphere, and visit the dazzling land of royal tigers.”


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