Beauty and Fitness Secrets of Madhuri Dixit

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Madhuri Dixit is the smile queen of Bollywood. Since the start of her career she shows the world what is popularity. She is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood history. She is still dream girl for many boys. She is also popular in Bollywood as a dancing diva. She won hearts after her first film opposite Anil Kapoor. Her gorgeous looks, sweet smile and jolly face attracted the whole Bollywood. With all these good quality she got success very quickly.

Everyone wants to know about this pretty woman. Gorgeous Madhuri was born on 15 may 1967. Her birth place was Maharashtra, Mumbai. From her childhood she wanted to be a dancer for that she did it very well. Since her debut she has acted in 66 movies. She is also expert in singing which she proves in Devdas as well as Wajood movies. She achieved 12 awards for her acting including film fare and star screen awards. But the most important thing is that she was able to write her name in Guinness Book as a high paid actress in Bollywood. She also did her microbiologist course from Bombay. After a lot of success she suddenly kept her out from Bollywood and went to America with her husband Sriram Nene. After a long gap she came back to India as a judge of Dedh Ishqya in 2014. She also has an online dancing academy named

Although she is almost 50, she is able to keep her body fit like a 30 year old girl. For that she has to maintain many things. She maintains a healthy balance diet and always avoids junk foods. She tries to manage steer clear and leads a very simple life. She always takes make-up and tries to maintain beauty ritual. Every day she cleans her face very well and usually she uses toner. For toning she uses Olay. She also uses it as a night cream. She takes her makeover twice a day. She feels comfortable at her dancing time because she thinks that her face becomes brighter at that time. As an actress she has to face different environments which arevery harmful for her skin along with her hair. For that she takes a mild shampoo. She also likes the mixer made of castor and olive oil. She also believes that a good sleep can make you brighter. For that whenever she gets time she tries to sleep. She always avoids drinking as well as smoking. For keeping her body fit she goes to gym except Sunday. She also thinks that thinking positive has a good effect on skin. And a beautiful smile gives some variations in your face. For keeping her body fit she tries kathak three times in a week. And she always walks outside her home and she tries to play out door games with her family and she also tries to do yoga.

Madhuri Dixit also takes five to six meals. She takes her post breakfast very early in the morning with a huge quantity of salad. She also takes grilled chicken or fish and 3 eggs. At mid meal time she takes nuts with fruits. At lunch she is always fond of chicken. She also eats crabs for lessening stress from body as it contains lots of proteins. She loves to take low fatty foods with high protein. She is fond of food that is healthier but she declines saturated sugar, salt as well as fats. She takes huge some of green and yellow food with liquid egg. For keeping her hydrated she drinks enough water.

For skin care Madhuri Dixit uses sunscreen as moisturizer. She also uses Olay on a regular basis. As an actress her hair has to take different styles every day. For that she takes oil massage very often for her hair treatment. She also eats some foods for her hair including spinach and egg. She stole millions of hearts by her natural beauty. For that with regular makeover she cleans her face with normal water. After shooting she totally removes makeup and tries to stay at home without any makeup. We know that she is the mother of two babies but all after that she is able to keep her fit. This is how she reveals her secrets.

The Gorgeous Madhuri has good body figure which makes her personality much stronger. This 5.4 feet woman has dark brown eyes with brown color hair. Sanjay Dutta was her x boy friend. But she got married with Sriram Nene on October 17, 1997. After all that she is still the heart queen of many young boys. She is also one of the cute actresses like a fairy with hot and sensuous look.


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