Knife Attacker Stabs Three Civilian in London at Underground Rail Station: Surely a ‘Terrorist Incident’

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At the underground rail station in London three civilian has been stabbed and wounded by an attacker last Sunday. British police has announced this attack as an act of ‘Terrorism’ because the attacker has uttered ‘Syria’ during the attack. And in that knife stab tone people has been seriously wounded and other two civilian has been minor affected by that incident. During that incident held in the underground rail station at East-London that attacker was heard shouting ‘This is for Syria’. The terrorism command sector under the metropolitan department of London is investigating about that incident. Commander ‘Richard Walton’ said that, ‘we are counting this heinous act as terrorism. I request to all civilian people to keep calm. But they need to be very cautious and aware at the same time’. Walton also states that, ‘the threat of terrorism has reached at the supreme stage’. London police states that, the attacker at the rail station was terrifying people by a knife. Then civilian and passengers present there requested that attacker to put down his knife. An eye witness informed about the attackers age may be 29 years, that assailant had 3 inch long knife with him.

An eye witness named ‘Michael Garcia’ said that, she had seen running people disorderly there, she said more, ‘ I realized then that for sure it’s not any war happening, but a serious worse thing got happened’. Another witness named Khaim informs that people were scolding that arrested assailant. After having killed 130 people at the capital city of France in last month of November by terrorist attack London is being treated as the most risky city among the Westerns countries. Already it’s been enforced the highest alert for the dreadful possibility of ISIL attack min London. UK Detectives assumes that there is a strong possibility of being affected by terrorist attack in London after Paris by ISIL. At last Wednesday, UK parliament approved the air attack on ISIL territory in Syria. After that approval by the UK parliament the likeliness of terrorist attack by ISIL has been increased in UK at an alarming rate.


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