Here is Apple’s Secret Project Future iCar Will Amaze You

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The chip giant is trying to keep the design a secret, but judging by the numerous rumors and leaks, it will be something big and massive. Project Future Apple car is shrouded in mystery, but, judging by the numerous rumors, the company is working to improve the electric vehicle with some functions of the autopilot. iCar must be brought before an audience of about 2021. However, until now it is not known whether the car is sold or leased only, or Apple will sell the technology to automakers. We have collected for you the known facts about the Titan project, confirming that the “apple” company can really earn it.

01. What is known about the iCar

What is known about the iCar

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Officially, Apple has not published any details or even is still not acknowledged the existence of the project, but it did not save her from information leaks. The first of the Titan project, wrote the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. At first it was reported that the release of the vehicle will take place in 2019, but more recent reports indicate the postponement to 2021. According to the assumptions, the iCar will be electric. It is also reported that some well known company of South Korea manufactures for Apple car hollow cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. According to the portal ETNews , it should make it easier and protect against overheating.

Previously it was assumed that the car will be completely unmanned , but most likely, the iCar will receive only some of the functions of autopilot – like the Tesla Model S and X, or a relatively inexpensive semi-autonomous Honda Civic. According to forecasts of IHS Automotive, by 2035, will ride on the roads 76 million in varying degrees of self-transport vehicles, so that, perhaps, Apple does not want to stay away from this trend. Of course, the IT giant will not release the car freely – informed that, for this purpose, Apple has signed a contract with Canadian-Australian company Magna Steyr. Initially, negotiations were conducted with the BMW and of Daimler, but they failed because the “apple” company, apparently, was not ready to share with automakers data derived machine.

02. Who is responsible for the Titan project

Who is responsible for the Titan project

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Since the inception of the project it had already had several leaders. It was assumed that they could deal with the company’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, but also reported on the increase Zadetski Steve, a former engineer of the Ford ( the NYSE: the F INVEST ), who helped lead teams iPod and iPhone. According to the latest rumors, Apple has returned to the company Bob Mansfield to entrust him with Titan project. Mansfield led the development of iPad hardware, iMac and MacBook, but a few years ago he retired. It is informed that the project has been running for a thousand people, in addition, Apple managed to lure from the Tesla ( the NASDAQ: TSLA INVEST ), vice president of engineering development. It was alleged that he continues the project after the departure Zadetski, but now, most likely, he is subordinate to Mansfield. In addition, Apple has withdrawn from the NVIDIA ( the NASDAQ: NVDA INVEST ), a key specialist in deep learning of Jonathan Cohen. The arrival of Cohen – further evidence of the fact that the car of the future will be those or other autonomic functions.

03. How Apple will earn at Titan project

How Apple will earn at Titan project

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Huberty and her research team believe that the company plans to market the shared transport – it is expected that by 2030 it will amount to 2.6 trillion dollars. Consumers will not directly own the cars, which go, and will lease them out and take someone else’s car if necessary. In a research note published at the beginning of the summer, Huberty wrote that Apple is much faster than automakers, increases the cost of development of new technologies , and most of this money goes to projects related to the shared transport. Now the company spends on research to about $ 10 billion. It is three times more than it was 4 years ago, reflecting the creation of something significant. Huberty believes that the iCar could bring the company significant revenue. “Given that Apple spends on the development of more than major automakers, we believe that the company can get about the same market share carpooling, as it is now – smartphones, that is about 16%,” – she said. If the company really reach such figures, by 2030 it will be able to receive 400 billion in annual revenue, or $ 16 per share. Apple investors should not turn a blind eye on these rumors – it’s not an ordinary project for the company. iPhone sales start to fall, and it is obvious that in the coming years it will need a new source of profits. Until the moment when everything becomes clearer, it will take several years, but, most likely, following the central product of the company will be the name of the machine. Or like last year, this segment called Apple’s operations Jeff Williams, “a truly mobile device.”


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