Researchers Confirm Alien Ufo Will Crash on Earth on 13th November This Year! But Not Sure What Exactly the Object is…

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We all have heard UFOs or “unidentified flying objects” as in the mysterious space-crafts sometimes arguably appears in the sky. They are not from this earth, according to the experts that they are the products of advanced alien technologies. As like us, the aliens also travel the space maybe to discover the mysteries of universe or for some other reasons. The signs of UFOs being seen from earth can be traced back to the ancient world. In Egypt archeologists have found UFO-like illustrations on the walls of pyramids and temples. And if you look at the modern age, plenty of times people and relevant organizations have claimed that they have seen mysterious objects on the sky that nothing from this earth resembles with. They always try to prove their point by capturing pictures, videos and many other ways. Not that this idea have been accepted by everyone; UFO is yet a vague and subtle idea, but scientists have not completely rejected the idea either. Recently researchers revealed that on 13th November this year, an UFO will be crashed on earth. Although they are not sure about what the object exactly is, they are convinced that something not from the earth has changed its course towards earth.

UFOlogists and relevant experts yet have no idea about the cause of the object’s change of course… it still remains an enigmatic secret that how the mysterious object had propelled itself onto a hit-course. Inside of the object is believed by the experts to be hollow.

The mysterious object that is set on a course of collision with Earth as in our planet, has been dubbed as “WTF”. According to the “European space agency”, the UFO will be crashed into the “Indian Ocean” this month. \nThe relevant people referring the object as “WTF 1190 F”. Astronomers haven’t identified the UFO yet, but some saying that, people could be looking at some kind of “Space Debris” or part of a component of a larger rocket which have been aimlessly floating in the space for many years that now has made the decision of coming back to haunt us. Even though the scientists named the object “WT 1190 F”, since no one surely knows about what this UFO genuinely is; so the amateur uranologists have made the decision to change its name into “WTF 1190 F”.

While most of the experts have strongly anticipated that this object is nothing but a fragment of a space-rocket, still the scientists aren’t 100% certain.\nIt’s the UFO hunters’ and UFOlogists’ belief that, it is in fact an Alien spacecraft. They added that the scientists are actually afraid of calling it what it really is, because they think that it would be causing “Mass Panic” among the people. They are of course merely guesses on account of neither of the groups have a strong theory about what exactly this mysterious object is.

However, since this UFO is only about two meters in size, it does not pose a direct menace to us. Most likely it will be burnt up in the atmosphere of Earth upon its entry, and its remains, if the estimates are correct, the “WTF 1190 F” should be crashed into the Indian-Ocean about sixty Km south of the country called “Sri Lanka”


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