No One is Talking About Affraight of Security, Everyone Are Talking About Only Football

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After, the circumstances in Europe have changed since Friday. On that day in Paris the capital of France, the procession has created a panic effect throughout the whole continent. At Tuesday night were canceled two international friendly matches between Holland-Belgium and France-Spain due to the questions about the security.

At this circumstance, Spain’s various security agencies are worrying about Saturday El Clasico. According to the Spanish authorities, around this big match, we have taken strict security strategy. At this moment in Spain security alarm due to come into force at Bernabeu’s this match security plan being recast. However the Security Minister of Spain Mr. Francisco Martinez optimistic, despite the situation Saturday’s El Clasico will be the safely end.

The two giants Real Madrid and Barcelona have already started surrounding the affair of honor around the voice of harness at Spanish La Liga. Real Madrid’s home ground Bernabeu’s this match will be the presence of more than 80 thousand spectators are expected. The large number of people to ensure safety, it is reported that the number of security is enhanced. Normally the big matches such as El Clasico have deployed thousands of security forces. This figure may increase further at Saturday night.

Alongside 1400, Private Security Guard and an equal number of Municipal Police will give three-tier security to El Clasico. Martinez hopes, changes in the security plan will a safely end at Saturday’s El Clasico. However, he said, the issue of increased security is not derived from particular alarm. His hope is on Saturday, the big match will schedule to start at La Liga with full festive atmosphere. No one is talk about affright to security, to talk about only football.


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