Adam Sandler Invited his Double to the Premiere of his New Movie

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Almost identical people of artists or celebrities are not surprises now-a-days, especially now anyone can share their resemblance to artists over the Internet. Celebrities can also see their doubles and contact with them through the internet.

This is the case of double (young) of Adam Sandler, who also got attention for his obvious resemblance with comedy actor Adam Sandler. Max Kessler, 23 year old just looks like Sandler. Adam Sandler also used the mane of his double in his new film “Do-Over.”

It all started about a month ago when the young boy posted this photo to Imgur with a caption that said: “The name of Adam Sandler’s character in his new film.” He is Max Kessler in Do-Over. My name is Max Kessler. Oh yeah, even I look like him.”

This photo soon became little viral and caught attention of Sandler, who even responded with this funny picture. Of course the actor had an almost immediate response of the young, and yes, nobody can deny the resemblance of Max with Sandler. After this incident, Sandler did not want to stay with curiosity and through another photo and message; he invited Max to the premiere of Do-Over. The young man gladly accepted his proposal. Adam Sandler sure felt like a great trip to the past, to see the young man who looks like him.

Do-Over will be released on 27th May on Netflix.

Video Credit: Netflix US & Canada


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