According to Psychology, People Fall in Love For Three Times

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Love is something that intrigues us all, and of course, it is usually the only feeling that makes us laugh, mourn, agonize and enjoy everything from incredibly intense and terrible way at once. It is a fact that matures with experience, but how does it affect the heart? According to psychology, it goes through 3 distinct stages, where the attraction on the other depends on idealism, narcissism and sincerity.

So, the fact is, we will fall in love for three times in our entire life.

01. First Love

First Love

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The ideal time to fall in love. At this stage we believe that all relationships are perfect and eternal, as in stories. This is the kind of love where the most important thing is how others see you and not how you really feel. You try to make yourself perfect in the eyes of your beloved. Usually people in young age don’t become enough mature to think of their own good. This time only leads people to boundless love. But, in most cases, the love vanishes with time.

02. Second Love

Second Love

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The second love is the difficult one that make us clear about who we are and how we would like to be loved. When idealism breaks, the most painful phase begins. After suffering, we become helpless, and love ends up becoming a necessity. This love may be cyclical, and often relationship keeps coming back no matter what. In it, there are high levels of drama and that is why we become addicted to that relationship; it is a constant roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. In this stage, we try our best to protect our loved one and at last, the story finishes with pain. It is the time when people decide not to fall in love again.

03. Third and the Last Love

Third and the Last Love

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When love almost kills us and we do not want to believe in other persons, we chose to be alone than in bad company start to become more autonomous. At this moment someone unexpected comes, different from the others; there is no idealism needed, we do not expect anything and neither demand; there is no pressure to be who you are not, because you know he/she loves you unconditionally. This is the love that amuses and pleases us naturally. This beloved is the one who comes and gives an almost impossible ease and shows us that love is not something that is in our minds, if not in our feelings. That is true love.

Though we become heartbroken, we want to fall in love again and again. Love is the most precious feeling that make you feel special. You find joy in everything when in love.


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