9 Characters from Game of Thrones Books that Were Cut from the TV Series

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It is known that many all-time hits of the TV and film world are adaptations of bestseller books or series of books. The legendary films like Harry Potter, The Godfather, Twilight, or hit TV shows like Dexter, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City- all are adaptation of popular books; and nowadays the series that has made the whole world go crazy, is also an adaptation of a bestseller book series. You most probably have figured it out by now which one is being talked about: yes, it is ‘the’ Game of Thrones – what else can it be? The masterpiece of George R. R. Martin has taken over the world with all its fantasy, and its extra-ordinary storyline and presentation method – which is needless to say “kill them all.” But the element that has worked (and still working) as the most effective contributing factor is obviously its characters – once you start to read or watch the Game of Thrones series you will surely start to feel a certain bond or hatred. Sometimes this happens that you start with a character by hating him/her, but as the story moves forward, eventually he/she performs a great deed of generosity, and you start to love them – for example “the hound” – first, he saves Sansa from getting raped; and then, he helps Arya to survive. But this is not the most important and shocking fact, Game of Thrones has revolutionized the ‘protagonist’ concept. From the first book or first season, if a character starts to look like the main protagonist – he/she is most likely to end up dead in no time – both in the books and series. However, there is no visual adaptation that can exactly follow line by line of a book. One of the reasons for this is time limitation; for example, if the Harry Potter film series would have been the line by line presentation of the books, the least long movie would have been at least 12 hours in length! And that fact aside, writing and visual production have a very different style of presentation, so even if the production tem wants to capture the exact narration of the books and wants to keep all of it, it would be nearly impossible. So you understand why some parts of the books inevitably get omitted from the visual adaptation – and even Game of Thrones could not be different in this case. The series of Game of Thrones does not exactly follow to the letters of the stories of books. Some parts of the story and even some characters from the books had to be cut off in the series. Although, as you can see, sometimes it is a must; there are those who resent it and find it unacceptable – especially the one who had read the books prior to watch the series. However, there are also people who accept the changes made by RR Martin. But they all miss some characters that were not even appear in the series and were completely cut off, not in the literal sense – since we are talking about Game of Thrones!

Here are 9 characters from Game of Thrones books that were cut off from the series.

Obviously, this article contains spoilers from Game of Thrones books and series! – Proceed carefully

01. Lady Stoneheart

Lady Stoneheart Characters from Game of Thrones

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The reanimated and zombified body of Catelyn Stark who returns from the dead to take revenge on all those who plotted against her life and her family! (did you know?!) We know that all fans of the books are heartbroken by the fact that they may never see Lady Stoneheart in the series.

02. The Griffs

The Griffs Characters from Game of Thrones

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In the series, Sir Jorah accompanies Tyrion to Mereen to meet Daenerys, but in the books, he goes in the company of Griffs (Grif and young Griff) but later, Tyrion finally discovers that the young man Griff is none other than Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell, who all thought was dead.

While Griff is actually Jon Connington, one of the best friends of Rhaegar and who was exiled by Aerys after losing an important battle against Robert Baratheon.

03. Victarion Greyjoy :

Victarion Greyjoy : Characters from Game of Thrones

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Euron, Victarion and Aeron Greyjoy are brothers of Balon Greyjoy and therefore uncles Theon and Yara.
Euron is the captain of a ship called Silence. The crew members are people from all over the world, and all have the tongue cut to suit you. Euron is manipulative, cunning and smart, unlike his younger brothers, the great Lord of the Iron Military, Victarion Greyjoy, a hard, serious man who beat and killed his wife after she became pregnant by Euron. Victarion has been removed from the series, we haven’t seen him in the TV show while the time of his appearance has already past, and to be more sure, you can visit the GOT website for the series and look at the Greyjoy family tree, from where Victarion has been removed!

04. Moqorro

Moqorro Characters from Game of Thrones

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In the books, Moqorro is a priest of the Lord of Light who is traveling on the same ship with Tyrion and Jorah, and who believes that Daenerys is the choice of his God.

After the sinking, Moqorro disappears for days until found by the fleet of Victarion Greyjoy. Moqorro gets cured of a serious wound in the hand of Victarion and converts to their religion.
Moqorro helps Victarion several times through his visions, and also plans to help him use the garish properly to control the dragons.


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