8 Things You Should Ask for on Your Next Flight

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01. Bottles of Water

Bottles of Water

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If you need more water or want to avoid airplane tap water, then you should ask for bottled water to the flight attendant. Airplanes usually keep some small bottle of water, that they can supply to the passengers.

02. Wing Pins for Kids

Wing Pins for Kids

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Wing pins are small plastic wings with an airline’s logo. Airlines like delta offer their passengers on flights. American airlines also offer wing pins for the kids whose destinations are like Disney World and SeaWorld.

03. Basic Medications and Bandages

Basic Medications and Bandages

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It’s necessary for all the airlines, they must be equipped with basic medications like painkillers, Band-Aids, and antacids. And these are free for the passengers.

04. Alcohol


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Most of the airlines are basically charging for everything they serve to the passengers. But still now some of the airlines offer free booze.
The Etihad airline offers their passengers beers, wines, and spirits to choose from. Finnair offers beer and wine.


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