7 Features of Your Phone You Still Do Not Use

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Calling the other end of the world, surfing the internet or just taking pictures are not the only things you can do with your phone; there are other things to do.

Here are 7 most important features of your phone you that still don’t use.

01. Make a listening device

Make a listening device

Image Credit: mmc-club.com

With just simple manipulations, the phone can be turned into a real bug or a baby monitor. The mechanism is also extremely simple: you leave your phone at any desired location, then call on it, and after listening to the automatic lifting of the handset that comes at a great distance from you, you will agree that such a thing is really handy.

02. Forever lock your phone

Forever lock your phone

Image Credit: co.uk

Yes, and this feature can also be useful to you. For example, if your phone is stolen and you do not want the thief to use it. The fact is that each phone has a serial code consisting of 15 digits. If something happens, you can just call the operator to lock this number, and your phone will be switched off permanently. Find out the serial number of your phone right now by typing a simple combination of * # 06 #.

03. Make microscope

Make microscope

Image Credit: adme.ru

It’s incredible, but considering the smallest details of the world, we do not need to spend money on expensive equipment. Combine a small lens, which you can find, for example, in any laser pointer, and a mobile phone to take pictures and it’s easy and interesting.

04. Capturing under water

Capturing under water

Image Credit: noobz.ro

Even in our high-tech, not all phones are waterproof. But using absolutely any phone, you can make high-quality images underwater. How? You just need a cover made of polyethylene.


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